AALC Roundtable Online, 19th August 2015


AALC ROUNDTABLE ONLINE; Machine Translation – Heaven Sent or Road To Hell

When; Wednesday, 19th August, 2015 
Time; 4pm AEST
Cost; free attendance for all

The AALC are pleased to launch their bimonthly AALC ROUNDTABLE ONLINE.  These are webinars taking place every two months where industry thought leaders of the language service industry in Australia and New Zealand discuss pertinent industry developments and issues. 

Each AALC Round Table Online will have a certain topic, feature case studies and will sometimes also include, where appropriate, international speakers from our language industry, widening the Round Table view.  Much talent is to be found within our own ranks and it’s a dialogue waiting to happen as we can learn from each other each time a colleague shares an opinion. These exchanges don’t happen often enough and when they do they are so enlightening to all of us, that we decided to take them on board.  

We would welcome your suggestions on what topics you would like to talk about, what case studies you have, and if you feel you could lead a discussion on a topic that is pertinent to you, please feel free to let us know.   The first Round Tables topic will be; Machine Translation – Heaven Sent or Road To Hell: In this discussion we will listen to case studies and deliberations of a colleague Language Service Provider, and chime into the discussion on where this is at and what’s it all about. 

Non members are invited to register, with attendance being free to all for this inaugural Round Table Online.  Members and associate members have free and guaranteed access to all our webinars and wide range of other membership benefits including free AALC events and reduced rates on industry products through the AALC market place. 

If you are not yet a member or an associate member, we encourage you to register now on https://www.aalc.org.nz/register/  We look forward to welcoming you at the first AALC ROUND TABLE ONLINE discussion.

To register to attend the first AALC ROUND TABLE ONLINE please e-mail info@aalc.org.au