AALC to launch Intern Partnership Program (IPP)



AALC Internship Partnership Program (IPP)


Inspired by the European ELIA Exchange, the AALC Intern Partnership Program (IPP) is the response to an increased awareness that graduates from translation programs are not always equipped, from the employer’s point of view, with all the skills necessary to begin being part of a productive team without significant training provided by the employer. The initiative seeks to create a multi-faceted approach to enhance professional development by facilitating cooperative partnerships between the industry and academia. The AALC wants to develop an exchange program between language service providers (LSPs) and university faculties, and develop a partnership program connecting LSPs, universities and students to improve the internship process for all.

 Who can participate?

  1. Students or recent graduates of university level translation studies
  2. AALC members
  3. Universities seeking to take part will be asked to join the AALC as use of the AALC IPP program is free to all members

Why participate

Students that find internships through the AALC IPP can feel secure that they will gain useful experience and skills helping to prepare them for their careers. AALC IPP facilitated internships provide students the reassurance that all companies offering opportunities within the program are AALC member companies and have committed to conducting business ethically and investing in the growth and professionalization of the language industry through their engagement and relationships.


This is still early days and whilst we are learning from our European colleagues, we need to ensure that our unique Australian T&I landscape is taken into account. We therefore invite all education providers and other industry stakeholders to our AALC Conference on 23rd July to celebrate its launch and to discuss the development of this initiative in detail.



AALC attends CNET Conference Dinner in Paris

AALC dinner2 AALC dinner

AALC President, Tea Dietterich, attended the conference dinner of the French Chamber of Translation Companies (CNET) in Paris in March just before heading to the GALA Conference in Seville.  It was a memorable evening with lively exchange between French and other European LSPs.  The AALC also regularly attends the Dutch Association of Language Companies events, as well as GALA and ELIA conferences.  These events offer good opportunities to see how other national associations of language companies work, what their priorities and goals are and where the industry is heading in terms of standards, technology, industrial labours laws and other important aspects.

For more information on the CNET conference, please click here: http://www.cnetfrance.org/conf2015/cnet_conf_photo2015.pdf


AALC IPP = AALC Internship Partnership Program



LOTE Marketing has since inception actively offered internships to graduates in a variety of roles that have included marketing research, desktop publishing and graphic design.  As a result, we have also offered full time employment as vacancies have arisen.  We endorse the employment of graduates and commend interns to companies that may be interested.


Geoff Meakin, Director, LOTE Marketing P/L

AALC President & GALA Board Member, Tea Dietterich, attends GALA Conference 2015 in Seville

2M CEO Tea Dietterich at GALA Conference in Seville

AALC President and GALA Board Member Tea Dietterich has just returned from the Annual GALA Conference 2015 in Seville. The Annual GALA Language of Business conferences are advanced educational and networking events where localization leaders collectively discuss, share, and debate best practices and emerging trends in translation, localization, and language technologies. The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world’s leading trade association for the language industry. As a non-profit organization, they provide resources, education, advocacy, and research for thousands of global companies.

Tea has been attending the GALA conferences since 2013, her first one was GALA Monaco 2013.  Tea has started to work closely with GALA and its member companies ever since, introduced language technology to Australia and broadened her horizon on collaborative industry approaches.

GALA Sevilla offered a welcoming and inclusive community atmosphere for localization professionals to learn, share and network.  It was yet again a valuable time to make connections, collaborate, and use collective intelligence to drive the future of the language enterprise says Tea Dietterich.

It was also Tea’s first conference as GALA board member and she enjoyed the responsibility of board meetings, explaining GALA’s mission to other members being part of the GALA member meetings and already starting to prepare for the year ahead.

The most important aspect is to find inspiration and motivation amongst her peers. Energised and refreshed, Tea has come back with new ideas for AALC members and has also created awareness of AALC member companies worldwide.  AALC member companies can provide language services to clients internationally and AALC presence at international localization events is imperative to put Australia and NZ on the map.  Providing translations and other language services is not enough anymore today. It’s about finding the right language solutions for our corporate clients in a collaborative approach as AALC members prefer to be rather the language partner than just the provider.