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ATC Certification provides language industry expert auditing and certification services for ISO standards on translation, interpreting, quality management, business management and information security management.

ATCC’s specialist auditors and expert team ensure that your company’s unique operations are understood and respected, and that the auditing process adds value to your certification.

ATC Certification was founded by the UK’s Association of Translation Companies & ISO experts Assent, who collaborate to deliver impartial specialist ISO Certification Services for language service companies across the world.

Translation Standards
  • ISO 17900 Translation Services
  • ISO 18587 Post-Editing Machine Translation
  • ISO 20771 Legal Translation
Interpreting Standards
  • ISO 18841 Interpreting Standards
  • ISO 20228 Legal Interpreting
  • ISO 21998Healthcare Interpreting
Management System Standards
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 27001 Information Security
  • ISO 14001 Environment Management
  • ISO 2231 Business Continuity


ATC Certification Training helps you on the road to certification, with webinars and workshops on implementing ISO standards.

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