Plunet Summit 2017 – a successful start!

Plunet Summit 2017 – a successful start! 150 participants met to share their experiences and knowledge about Plunet and translation management.

On June 1-2, 2017, the first international Plunet user conference, the “Plunet Summit”, took place in Berlin. Over two intriguing days, 150 customers, technology partners and Plunet experts shared their experiences and ways of working, with a focus on Plunet and successful translation management Read more

Member News – Translators Without Borders Update

Dear Friends and Partners of Translators without Borders,

Today I am pleased to announce the merger of Translators without Borders (TWB) and The Rosetta Foundation (TRF). The merger is an exciting opportunity to bring together the two leading non-profit organizations focused on better access to information in a language people understand. Andrew Bredenkamp, board chair of TWB, and Olga Blasco, TRF executive, made the announcement of the merger today at the Localization World conference in Barcelona.

In the past five years, and especially since the devastating outbreak of Ebola in 2014-15, there has been a greater awareness that language is a critical part of humanitarian response and development work. TWB and TRF have responded by building technologies and communities of translators to ensure non-profit organizations have access to local language resources. Now with this merger, the organizations will increase efficiencies and ensure that both continue to offer high-quality language services to the aid community and to affected populations.

There will be no immediate change in operations or services; the Kató platform will continue to be maintained by TWB and the Trommons platform will continue to be maintained by TRF. TWB will maintain the TRF office in Dublin, Ireland. By the end of this year, the management team will provide a more detailed plan of how the merger will impact the TWB 2020 program plan and overall organizational strategy.

More information about the merger can be found here.

The TWB board and management team are very excited and optimistic about this merger; I hope you feel the same. In just a short period of time, TWB and TRF have made a difference for people around the world, ensuring more information is provided in a way they can understand. Now we have the opportunity to accelerate that work, and I look forward to your support as we do so!


Aimee Ansari
Executive Director of Translators without Borders