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The AALC has a series of signature events which are regularly held: AALC Online Roundtable, AALC Technology Spotlight and AALC After Hours.

AALC Roundtable Online, Tuesday 16th February 2016:
Client Complaints & Conflict Resolution in our industry


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Date: Tues 16th Feb, 2016  Time: 5pm AEDT  Cost: Free attendance for all

“Client Complaints & Conflict Resolution in our industry”

The AALC ROUNDTABLE ONLINE is a regular AALC signature webinar bringing thought leaders in the language service industry in Australia and New Zealand together to discuss pertinent industry developments and issues.

The next roundtable topic will be on “Client Complaints & Conflict Resolution in our industry”. Discussions will be based on two pertinent areas on this topic which will be familiar to all in our industry:

  • The client is not happy, usually due to unsatisfactory quality or what they perceive as unsatisfactory quality.
    • Managing client expectations, QA
    • Approach to differentiating between “preferential” complaints about style and true errors and oversight.
    • Real-life examples of dealing with such complaints
    • Do we offer price discounts, translation guarantees and do we fix errors free of charge?
    • What kind of policies and protection do we have in place?
    • Are there deadlines for submitting complaints?
  • We are not happy with a vendor due to missed deadlines, careless work, lack of attention to detail and more.
    • What legal remedies are available to us?
    • Service level agreements. Do we discuss every minute detail with them before assigning work and how do we do it?
    • Do we put disclaimers on purchase orders?
    • Do we penalise a vendor for offering the client a discount and having to share the responsibility with the translator by reducing their invoice for the job?
    • What kind of policies do we have in place?

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