New Code of Conduct for AALC members

Recognising that our members represent a wide range of economic, personal and professional interests in a very varied, multicultural and international industry, the AALC has developed a Code of Conduct for its members, reflecting input from members, stakeholders and other industry associations.  The aim of this Code is to present a level playing field in which the AALC can bring the many aspects of the industry together, so we can grow our industry together for the benefit of all parties involved.

The Code must be a living document, both in its application as well as future development. It is my personal hope that all members subscribe to the Code, and that it may become a standard framework for interaction throughout our industry. I invite you to join me in adopting this Code, and continue to further the objectives of our association.

You can view the AALC Code of Conduct on its dedicated webpage, or download a pdf copy.

The AALC would like to take this opportunity to also refer to the AUSIT Code of Ethics, which is recognised as setting the standards for ethical conduct of interpreters and translators in Australia and New Zealand.