The new Plunet version 7.4 – Increased automation for an optimized user experience

Plunet BusinessManager, the leading business and translation management system, is now available in version 7.4.

In the newest version of Plunet BusinessManager, many functions and workflows have been automated and integrations further enhanced. Plunet is responding to the changing needs of the language industry and continuously improving user experience as a result.

Improved workflow view for more transparency and clarity

A major change in Plunet 7.4 is the new workflow view, which offers users a simpler way of working with automated processes.

Workflow templates can now be created and modified more easily than ever before. Links between jobs in different items and their level of automation are displayed more transparently, and new jobs can be quickly added as required via Drag & Drop.

New SDL Trados GroupShare integration for more flexibility

With the new integration to SDL Trados GroupShare, the system can be seamlessly connected with Plunet BusinessManager. Project managers can complete all of the necessary steps in Plunet and do not need to switch between the two systems.

The new features include:

  • Multiple users can work on a project at the same time and without time delays.
  • One translation project can include as many language combinations with different source languages and files as required.
  • New language combinations and updates can be quickly and flexibly incorporated into the project.
  • GroupShare templates for creating projects are available in Plunet as soon as they have been created.

Four levels of confidentiality for more data security and control

The new ConfidentialityManager module makes it possible to assign specific confidentiality levels for dealing with project files. The four levels define how files can be exchanged between customers, project manager and vendors, and whether or not files can be accessed in the system. Confidentiality levels can be assigned to individual customer and resource profiles, which standardizes the search for suitable project resources.

Save time with more automation for company codes, rights groups and Plunet API

Companies with multiple branches or teams already have the option to assign their Plunet projects to different company codes with specific access rights. Previously, to display company data in project documents, a separate template set had to be created for each individual company code and the correct template set selected for each project. Now the company data can be set for each company code and automatically added to document and e-mail templates.

Rights groups can be used to define what a certain group of resources or customers can see and do in the system. Instead of always creating new rights groups with the relevant settings, access rights and text modules for similar user groups, existing rights groups can now simply be copied. The new group contains all of the same settings, which can be adjusted to requirements.

With the Plunet API, external financial accounting services can be seamlessly connected to Plunet. The new API services make it possible to manage incoming and outgoing invoices via the Plunet API – another step towards automating project management.

Adjustments made for country standards for international flexibility

The new legal requirements for invoicing in Italy and Switzerland were taken into account in Plunet version 7.4. Plunet now automatically creates the XML template that is required for e-invoicing in Italy. Furthermore, QR invoices, which now replace the Swiss payment standard via payment slip, are automatically generated in Plunet.

There is also a new addition for Israeli customers. The font Alef, which is commonly used in Israel, can now be used in the HTML editor in Plunet.

Plunet 7.4 stands for better usability, flexibility and efficiency

All in all, Plunet 7.4 provides users with many optimizations that go hand in hand with an overall higher level of automation in the system. The result: Plunet BusinessManager is more user-friendly, flexible and time-efficient than ever before.