Plunet News: Interview with LSP SuccessGlo—Getting through the Corona crisis safely with Plunet

Interview with LSP SuccessGloGetting through the Corona crisis safely with Plunet

The language service provider SuccessGlo has been using Plunet BusinessManager for business and translation management since the beginning of this year. Founded in 2014, the company offers a wide variety of language services, specializing in IT, Life Sciences and patents.

SuccessGlo had already migrated all of the working processes at its four locations to the Plunet software before the Corona crisis forced the entire working world to make changes.

We talked to Managing Director Steven Zou about choosing Plunet, the reaction of his company to the crisis, and Plunet’s role in this phase.

You have been using Plunet BusinessManager since January 2020. What were your reasons for choosing this software?

We decided to implement Plunet because the software helps us to automate our workflows, track the history of individual projects and project series, and gain a deeper insight into financial data and the quality status of our projects.

How did you handle your business and translation management processes before Plunet?

Before Plunet, we used a different system with only simple features, such as project tracking, creating purchase orders, and invoicing. Our company expanded and now has four sites in Asia. We needed a more sophisticated system that enables the integration and management of all projects, workflows, teams, and finances in a single platform.

How did your working situation and processes change when the Corona crisis began? And which role did Plunet play in these changes?

Our employees normally work in our offices in China, Singapore, and Vietnam. Due to the Corona crisis, they all had to start working from home. It was very fortunate that we had already migrated our work processes to Plunet. Because Plunet BusinessManager is integrated in our cloud environment, our internal staff and external freelancers still have full access to all of the relevant data and projects. So, in this respect, nothing has changed. All projects still run smoothly, without any negative impact from the crisis. And our team members are all safe and healthy.

Along with the Plunet software, you purchased the standard SDL Trados Studio integration and the additional module QualityManager. Which challenges do you want to tackle with these add-ons?

The scalable integration with SDL Trados Studio is one of the many fantastic features provided by Plunet! Even in the basic version that we use, project managers no longer have to manually enter the word count for projects, which could easily lead to errors. Instead, they can import the analysis file from SDL Trados Studio with just a few clicks. The results are then compared with the price lists of the customers and resources and output—simple, efficient, and error-free.

In addition, quality is a critical factor for every translation agency. With the QualityManager module, we can integrate the whole quality assurance process into our workflow, from customer feedback to team evaluation. In this way, the project managers and all other stakeholders get a clear and consistent picture of the quality of the service and all related information.

Which Plunet features do you like the most?

We like the options to customize and automate our workflows, the variety of queries, and the status reports. These are all powerful features that help us to run our projects better, track the progress of project series, and make strategic decisions based on the analyses.


Are you planning on purchasing any more Plunet modules or integrations in the future?

As the team continues to grow, we will probably purchase more integrations and modules. Plunet offers a wide selection in this respect.


Which goals do you want to achieve with Plunet?


Thank you very much for the interview! Stay safe and healthy!



About SuccessGlo

The language service provider SuccessGlo—with four sites in China, Singapore, and Vietnam—offers translation, software and app localization, as well as MT solutions. Founded in 2014, the company’s main focus today is on IT, Life Sciences, and patents.


About Plunet

With offices in Würzburg, Berlin and New York, Plunet GmbH develops and markets the business and translation management software Plunet BusinessManager, the leading management solution for the translation and localization industry.

With Plunet BusinessManager you can manage your entire workflow in a single solution, from client requests to quote, order, job and invoice management to reporting. Extensions for interpretation and quality management as well as integrations with CAT and financial accounting tools will further improve efficiency and automation in your work. Within a configurable system, various functions and extensions of Plunet BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs.














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