AALC signs partnership agreement with GALA

AALC Partnership with GALA

We are excited to announce that the AALC has undertaken a partnership agreement with the Globalisation and Localisation Association (GALA), the world’s leading trade association for the language industry.

A key role of the AALC is to promote our Australasian industry globally and to help local language companies make connections at an international level.  We believe our partnership with GALA will greatly assist in achieving these goals.

GALA supports the international language industry by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge and advancing technology worldwide.  These activities are directly aligned with the role of AALC in Australasia.

Benefits of the GALA partnership for AALC members include the following:

  • GALA will provide AALC with a profile page on GALA’s website and a listing in the GALA directory. This can provide AALC members with a link to potential customers looking for language service providers in Australasia.
  • GALA will list AALC conferences and/or events on GALA’s website with logo, link and event information. This will increase visibility and participation in AALC events.
  • GALA will provide a first time new-member discount of 15% if AALC members wish to become a GALA member.
  • GALA will provide one free registration to its annual conference, to be used by a designated representative from AALC. This will be a great opportunity for an AALC member to attend a key international language industry event. AALC members will also get a registration discount for attending GALA’s annual conference.
  • GALA will provide other AALC promotion opportunities including “bag insert” at the annual conference and social media promotion of AALC programs, which also includes opportunities for AALC to publish content through GALA’s channels (e.g. blogs, webinars, articles, videos).

To find out more about GALA visit the GALA website www.gala-global.org and if you’d like to learn more about the AALC and GALA partnership please e-mail info@aalc.org.au