AALC attends CNET Conference Dinner in Paris

AALC dinner2 AALC dinner

AALC President, Tea Dietterich, attended the conference dinner of the French Chamber of Translation Companies (CNET) in Paris in March just before heading to the GALA Conference in Seville.  It was a memorable evening with lively exchange between French and other European LSPs.  The AALC also regularly attends the Dutch Association of Language Companies events, as well as GALA and ELIA conferences.  These events offer good opportunities to see how other national associations of language companies work, what their priorities and goals are and where the industry is heading in terms of standards, technology, industrial labours laws and other important aspects.

For more information on the CNET conference, please click here: http://www.cnetfrance.org/conf2015/cnet_conf_photo2015.pdf