New Zealand Update (July 2020)

Update on the Language Assistance Services Programme
Recently the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) provided an update to stakeholders to confirm the NAATI Standards Project of the Language Assistance Services (LAS) Programme is being put on hold temporarily to focus MBIE resources on the COVID-19 recovery.

MBIE reiterate that the introduction of the NAATI standards and certification framework remains a critical component of the LAS Programme and development of the infrastructure necessary for the roll out of the NAATI framework will be resumed as soon as possible. Quintin Ridgeway will finish his secondment to MBIE for this project and return to his role at the DIA. Future updates on the Language Assistance Services project will be provided by the Programme Manager Fran Albertario.

MBIE also advise that the Procurement Project of the LAS programme involving the procurement of face-to-face interpreting services is continuing as planned, although there may be some slight delays to the original timeline.

AALC will advise of any further updates from the LAS programme as provided by MBIE.

Welcome New NZ Member – Harry Clark Translation

AALC would like to extend a warm welcome to new NZ member Harry Clark Translation. We are pleased to have you on board and AALC hope to see you at one of our events some time soon.


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