07 Jul 2020
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Topics discussed will include:

  • Current environment for LSPs selling and buying other language companies
  • Pricing/Valuation models
  • Success stories

The language services industry has been named one of the fastest growing industries in the world with an annual growth rate of 5.6% and an expected economic output of $60.5 billion USD by 2021 ($88.2 AUD) according to Nimdzi Insights April 2020 which included the Covid-19 effect.

Due to technology and globalisation, the language services industry is projected to see above average growth over the next few years in economic output, the job market, and global demand. Australian-based language services are on track for expansion as the economy recovers from current pandemic.

These factors give interested parties good reason to explore mergers and acquisitions and it can be an ideal time to consider selling or buying. AALC will be hosting the webinar on 7th July on this topic.

If you are thinking of selling your company, one of the most important question is…What is my company worth? Or if looking to acquire, a question a buyer may ask is…How much will I need to pay to acquire? AALC’s upcoming M&A webinar will cover current valuation models that include valuing on revenues, or margins or EBITDA among other valuation models.

If you have been thinking about buying or selling your language service company, now is a great time to start evaluating buying and selling potential.

Presented by Michael Klinger, Language M&A Broker. Michael has twenty-five years of experience in the globalization industry. He speaks five languages. He started as an interpreter and translation project manager. He established and grew the globalization staffing & localization outsourcing businesses at Winter Wyman Contracts which became COMSYS. He helped find ‘sellers’ for COMSYS in the language field. He started Anzu Global and Language Transactions where he grew the language brokerage services business. His current wish is to leverage his business network to support his social venture and charitable work bringing computers and technology to Niger, Africa. Visit for more information.