Company Overview

Gespoint Translator Business is a powerful translation project management software specially designed for translation companies.

It is designed for translation companies looking for a comprehensive project management system that is easy to use and adapt. Gespoint Translator facilitates the management of each job or project, saves time by automating repetitive tasks, and improves communication between company members.
Providing a centralized flow of instant information saves time, errors are avoided and the quality of management is improved.

Gespoint connects your finances, your sales, and your projects to optimize business processes through the different integrated functions:

– Translation Projects Management system
– CRM: Management of potential clients, mailings, estimation of future sales, campaign result tracking, etc.
– Intranet for clients and vendors that improve the interaction with the company.
– Quotation, Invoicing, treasury management and accounting
– Quality Control and Claims management, according to ISO17100.
– Multi-currency module synchronized with the European Central Bank
– Automatic Reminders Model (ARM)
– General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In addition, Gespoint has a team specialized in the sector that will help you in a personalized way to resolve any questions and get the most out of the software so that your company achieves a greater increase in productivity, quality, and control.

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