15 Sep 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The AALC WEBINAR is a regular AALC signature webinar bringing thought leaders in the language service industry in Australia and New Zealand together to discuss pertinent industry developments and issues.  Discussions will be based on pertinent areas within this topic, which will be familiar to all in the industry.

TMS: The Right Tool for an LSP

Modern translation management systems are designed to cover a wide range of tasks on many levels. An organisation—be it an LSP or a localisation team—that chooses to use a tool of this class, won’t use it to do one thing only.

In this webinar, Maciej Raczak from MemoQ will discuss improvements that a TMS can bring on three levels: company business management, daily project management, and the linguist’s toolkit.

MemoQ is one of the leading software solutions for the translation and localisation community, and an excellent choice for LSPs to improve consistency, efficiency, and quality. Whereas this is not planned as a showcase demonstration, we will speak about some industry-standard tools, techniques, and concepts that memoQ adapted and developed to help project managers and translators complete their daily challenges.

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