Company Overview

Harry Clark Certified Translation is a New Zealand translation agency based in Auckland. We provide both certified translation services as well as localization services in 100+ languages. Our translation process follows ISO 17100:2015 standard. We use a state-of-art translation management system (TMS) as well as computer aided translation (CAT), in order to provide best human quality translation within the fastest time and at most affordable prices.

Since 2008, Harry Clark has been empowering communications for leading multinationals. Originally known as a supplier to suppliers, our company has quickly become one of the fastest growing multilingual language service providers in the marketplace and the world.

We are the customer-centric organization with a keen focus on high-quality standards and technological creativity to overcome any obstacle and ultimately add true value to any localization project.

Harry Clark translation is approved by all New Zealand government departments including NZQA, NZIS, NZTA, DIA, NZ Customs, NZ Police and NZ Ministry of Justice. We have always been one of the “Preferred Translator” for the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs.

We have a strong network of professional native translators for different industries including technical, medical, legal, commercial, marketing, gaming, and general between most international languages. Our mission lies in improving worldwide communication through accurate, translation and localization services.

Contact Details

Feel free to contact us at or directly at +64 09-8279927.