Company Overview

Independent and General (I&G Pty Ltd)  is Australia’s award-winning production company dedicated to production for  Multicultural, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences.  Our services include translation and production of audio, video and print materials in up to 98 languages spoken in Australia including English.

Our particular strength is in producing electronic media where we draw on more than 20 years of talent auditions.  Today we have the most extensive roster of voiceover and translation talent available in Australia.

I&G productions adhere to a strict quality assurance process to guarantee that translated communications are exactly as the client intended.  This is achieved through a multi-step verification including script analysis, peer-reviewed translations and produced media is further checked by the original translator.  This rigour has enabled us to win and retain a blue chip client base including all levels of government, national advertisers and their advertising agencies.

Contact Details:


(02) 8090 7730