AALC attends CNET Conference Dinner in Paris

AALC dinner2 AALC dinner

AALC President, Tea Dietterich, attended the conference dinner of the French Chamber of Translation Companies (CNET) in Paris in March just before heading to the GALA Conference in Seville.  It was a memorable evening with lively exchange between French and other European LSPs.  The AALC also regularly attends the Dutch Association of Language Companies events, as well as GALA and ELIA conferences.  These events offer good opportunities to see how other national associations of language companies work, what their priorities and goals are and where the industry is heading in terms of standards, technology, industrial labours laws and other important aspects.

For more information on the CNET conference, please click here: http://www.cnetfrance.org/conf2015/cnet_conf_photo2015.pdf


AALC IPP = AALC Internship Partnership Program



LOTE Marketing has since inception actively offered internships to graduates in a variety of roles that have included marketing research, desktop publishing and graphic design.  As a result, we have also offered full time employment as vacancies have arisen.  We endorse the employment of graduates and commend interns to companies that may be interested.


Geoff Meakin, Director, LOTE Marketing P/L

AALC President & GALA Board Member, Tea Dietterich, attends GALA Conference 2015 in Seville

2M CEO Tea Dietterich at GALA Conference in Seville

AALC President and GALA Board Member Tea Dietterich has just returned from the Annual GALA Conference 2015 in Seville. The Annual GALA Language of Business conferences are advanced educational and networking events where localization leaders collectively discuss, share, and debate best practices and emerging trends in translation, localization, and language technologies. The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world’s leading trade association for the language industry. As a non-profit organization, they provide resources, education, advocacy, and research for thousands of global companies.

Tea has been attending the GALA conferences since 2013, her first one was GALA Monaco 2013.  Tea has started to work closely with GALA and its member companies ever since, introduced language technology to Australia and broadened her horizon on collaborative industry approaches.

GALA Sevilla offered a welcoming and inclusive community atmosphere for localization professionals to learn, share and network.  It was yet again a valuable time to make connections, collaborate, and use collective intelligence to drive the future of the language enterprise says Tea Dietterich.

It was also Tea’s first conference as GALA board member and she enjoyed the responsibility of board meetings, explaining GALA’s mission to other members being part of the GALA member meetings and already starting to prepare for the year ahead.

The most important aspect is to find inspiration and motivation amongst her peers. Energised and refreshed, Tea has come back with new ideas for AALC members and has also created awareness of AALC member companies worldwide.  AALC member companies can provide language services to clients internationally and AALC presence at international localization events is imperative to put Australia and NZ on the map.  Providing translations and other language services is not enough anymore today. It’s about finding the right language solutions for our corporate clients in a collaborative approach as AALC members prefer to be rather the language partner than just the provider.


2015 message from the AALC Board

AALC_Triangle icon_100px x 100px

Dear AALC Members,

We trust that you have all had a good start into the New Year and we look forward to seeing many of you throughout 2015.  It’s important to us to engage and empower the membership.

We know that member companies who are actively involved with the association derive more value from their membership, and we would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to involve even more of your colleagues in accessing our programming including our webinars and events.

The industry stakeholders have by now well and truly embraced AALC as important members of the industry.  The AALC receives regular invitations to industry round tables and events, has an AALC representative at the NAATI PRG, the NAATI RAC and the NAATI Trainers’ Symposium as well as having been invited to the government organized “Translating and Interpreting Sector Roundtable Discussion November 2014”, and a range of other industry workshops.  The AALC will have a presence in Canberra on Friday, 27 February, at the upcoming Government Forum for the DHS Creative & Design Panel Members’ and continue to engage other LSPs and general industry stakeholders.  We are a growing organisation that can really make a difference in how to shape our industry so we welcome your opinions and feedback and above all, your participation.

The AALC had a trade exhibitor table at the 2014 National AUSIT Conference last year in Brisbane and had a slot in the program for an AALC panel informing the audience about the AALC and listening to concerns.  It was a full house.  Events in Melbourne and Sydney last year saw Tool vendors and Tertiary Institutions embracing AALC, as well as conference interpreting equipment suppliers and international business service suppliers.

In New Zealand in 2014, AALC gave an introduction talk at the NZSTI annual conference and conducted a round table discussion between AALC members attending the event.

2015 will see continued NZ activity with an AALC event at the NZTC 30th Birthday evening in Wellington on Friday 26 June. The AALC will also have a presence at the NZSTI Conference in Wellington.  We will suggest having an AALC panel on the Saturday or Sunday conference days, 27/28 June, as we did at the AUSIT Conference.  Last but not least, we plan an AALC Trans-Tasman Function at the end of July, possibly in Christchurch.

We take this opportunity to invite you to visit the AALC website www.aalc.org.au and use the marketplace section with offers from our associate members, the resources area for those who missed the webinars last year. These are recorded and at your disposal. If you require your log in to be sent to you again, please contact our Administration Officer Julie Barry on info@aalc.org.au

We look forward to seeing you in 2015 or talking with you online soon!

Best regards,

AALC Board of Directors

Tea Dietterich, President
Jerzy Brodzki, VP – AUS
Hagen Issell, VP – NZ
Dominic Carter, Secretary & Treasurer
Geoff Meakin, Communication Officer
Georgiana Poulter, Board Member

AALC survey, January 2015

What would you like the AALC to do for you?  What matters to language service providers in Australia & New Zealand?

The AALC is continually seeking ways in which to represent it’s members in matters relating to the industry and it is for this reason that we  are calling on our members, as well as all other language service providers, to help us find out what matters to you and what you would like to see taking place within the industry.

Recently, a survey link was forwarded to all AALC members requesting their feedback.  If you are not yet an AALC member but wish to have your say, we would welcome your valuable input.

To take part in the short survey and to receive the survey link please e-mail info@aalc.org.au

The Australasian Association of Language Companies (AALC) Inc. is an organisation formed to promote the interests of language service providers in Australia and New Zealand.  The AALC speaks with authority and credibility on behalf of its members on policy and commercial issues.

AALC President Tea Dietterich voted onto GALA Board

Globalization and Localization Association Announces 2015-16 Board Members

17 November 2014


Four Directors Elected by Member Ballot

Seattle, Washington, USA – Members of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) have elected four members to two-year terms beginning in 2015:

Manal Amin, Arabize (Egypt)
Tea Dietterich, 2M Language Services (Australia)
Robert Etches, TextMinded Danmark (Denmark)
Véronique Özkaya, Xplanation (Belgium)

Amin and Dietterich are long-time members of GALA who will be joining the veterans on the board.  Etches and Özkaya are on the current board and will begin second two-year terms. They will join three continuing board members from 2014: Diego Bartolomé (tauyou, Spain), and Serge Gladkoff (Logus International, United States), and Jesper Sandberg (Sandberg Translation Partners Limited, United Kingdom).  Board member Joël Sigling (AVB Translations, Netherlands) will conclude his board service at the end of 2014.

 “We are delighted to welcome Manal and Tea to the board, and that Robert and Véronique will continue their service in the coming years,” said Laura Brandon, GALA’s Chief Operations Officer. “They have already shown great energy and dedication to GALA and will no doubt help us to become even stonger and more innovative in serving our members and the language industry. We wish also to express our deepest gratitude to outgoing board member Joël Sigling for the outstanding service and leadership he has provided us these past years.”

For more information about the directors, visit GALA’s website.

About GALA

The Globalization and Localization Association is the leading global non-profit association within the language industry, providing resources and networking for companies working with translation and interpreting services, language technology, and content localization. GALA member companies are vendors and buyers of language services and technologies. They deploy sophisticated multilingual strategies and proven tools to take content and products to markets around the world. For more information, visit www.gala-global.org

About the New Directors

Manal Amin is the founder and CEO of Arabize and one of the very first Egyptian entrepreneurs in language technology. Manal has been part of many boards and councils in the IT and localization sectors locally and globally. Due to her outstanding achievements in the IT Services Sector, she was nominated and awarded the African ICT Champion in 2013. Manal was ranked 77th among the 200 Most Powerful Women in the Middle East by Forbes ME Magazine, September 2014 for her outstanding presence, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Tea C. Dietterich is CEO of Australian Language Service Provider 2M Language Services and President of the Australasian Association of Language Companies (AALC). Tea is the former Vice President of the Australian Institute for Translators & Interpreters (AUSIT), current board member of ABIE France (Australian Business in Europe), sits on the Advisory Board of the Rosetta Foundation and works closely with the Australia China Business Council, Australian Council of Export, several international Chambers of Commerce in Australia and Europe as well as Foreign Affairs Departments.

Robert Etches is the CIO of TextMinded Danmark. After studying Medieval History and English Literature in the UK, love and life led him via India, Nepal, and the mountains of Colorado to settle in Denmark, where he founded my first company in 1989. A known voice in the industry, he is currently the Chairman of the Board for GALA, and a member of the Advisory Board for Translators Without Borders.

Véronique Özkaya is currently Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Xplanation, and vice-chair on the GALA Board. Prior to joining Xplanation, Véronique held senior management roles at Moravia, Lionbridge, and Stream International. She is a frequent public speaker at industry events. Her background in international politics and Public Relations: one of the many paths to the localisation industry!

AALC at the NZAMI annual conference in Auckland, New Zealand

Hyden Toonen, TNT

AALC representation at the recent NZAMI (New Zealand Association of Migration & Investment) annual conference in Auckland.

Guest attendees at the conference included the New Zealand Deputy Chief Executive of Immigration, cabinet ministers and 130 immigration advisors.

AALC attends GALA Conference in Istanbul

The AALC was strongly represented last week at GALA’s annual Language of Business Conference in Istanbul by President Tea Dietterich, Secretary Adrienne Meakin, and Board Member George Bisas.

The trio represented Australia at the conference and enjoyed extensive networking opportunities among our global peers, discussing every aspect of the language services industry and soaking up the infectious energy and enthusiasm of other conference attendees.

See photos below including with GALA’s Chairman, Robert Etches.

GALA-Conference_photo 1

GALA-Conference_photo 2

GALA-Conference_photo 3

Polyglot hosts the first Australasian Association of Language Companies networking event

Polyglot hosted the first AALC event in the head office in Sydney on March 05, 2014. After welcoming words from Polyglot to distinguished peers and leaders of the industry in Australia & NZ, Tea Dietterich, AALC President, presented AALC’s vision, values and mission. AALC ‘s mission is to promote and defend the interests of LSPs (Language Service Providers – Translation and Interpreting companies).


AALC has a vocation to promote & advance the important roles of language services and explore and develop industry best practices as well as promote fair competition between all language companies. AALC advocates for the interests of its members with other industry group representatives, the Commonwealth of Australia and NZ and other institutions as well as upholding and supporting the professional interests, status and rights of all associated members.

The Event was a great success with impeccable timing a few weeks ahead of Globalisation and Localization (GALA) conference in Turkey later this month where AALC members will be the voice, eyes and ears of the LSP community in Australasia.

To find out more about Polyglot’s Language Services and role in the AALC, please contact Adrien Monet at: Adrien@polyglot.com.au

Have your say on the Queensland Government Language Services Policy

Cultural Diversity Queensland is reviewing the current Queensland Government Language Services Policy, released in 2011. You are invited to have your say on the current Language Services Policy and provide feedback on how it can be improved to better meet the needs of culturally diverse Queenslanders with limited English proficiency to assist them to access the full range of Queensland Government and funded non-government services.

The new Queensland Cultural Diversity Policy released in December 2013, identifies that a lack of English language proficiency can be a significant barrier to economic independence and participation within the community.  A key priority of this new policy is a review of the Language Services Policy.

If you wish to provide feedback on the current Languages Services Policy, please visit the Language Services Policy web page, complete the questionnaire and return it to Cultural Diversity Queensland by Monday 31 March 2014.

It is expected that a new Language Service Policy will be finalised in mid-2014.

For further information, please contact Cultural Diversity Queensland on (07) 3224 5006 or email CDQ@datsima.qld.gov.au

Note from Wayne Briscoe, Executive Director, Cultural Diversity Queensland.