Polyglot hosts the first Australasian Association of Language Companies networking event

Polyglot hosted the first AALC event in the head office in Sydney on March 05, 2014. After welcoming words from Polyglot to distinguished peers and leaders of the industry in Australia & NZ, Tea Dietterich, AALC President, presented AALC’s vision, values and mission. AALC ‘s mission is to promote and defend the interests of LSPs (Language Service Providers – Translation and Interpreting companies).


AALC has a vocation to promote & advance the important roles of language services and explore and develop industry best practices as well as promote fair competition between all language companies. AALC advocates for the interests of its members with other industry group representatives, the Commonwealth of Australia and NZ and other institutions as well as upholding and supporting the professional interests, status and rights of all associated members.

The Event was a great success with impeccable timing a few weeks ahead of Globalisation and Localization (GALA) conference in Turkey later this month where AALC members will be the voice, eyes and ears of the LSP community in Australasia.

To find out more about Polyglot’s Language Services and role in the AALC, please contact Adrien Monet at: Adrien@polyglot.com.au