AALC Roundtable Online Webinar
Translator Selection and Vendor Management
Tuesday, 9th August at 12:30pm AEST





“Translator Selection and Vendor Management”



Date: Tuesday 9th August, 2016 Time: 12:30pm AEST Cost: Free attendance for all


The AALC ROUNDTABLE ONLINE is a regular AALC signature webinar bringing thought leaders in the language service industry in Australia and New Zealand together to discuss pertinent industry developments and issues.  Discussions will be based on pertinent areas within this topic, which will be familiar to all in the industry:

This roundtable will discuss the key issues of translator selection and vendor management. Topics for discussion can include:

Translator Selection

·         What are the key approaches to sourcing, recruiting and screening translators?

·         Free tests vs. paid first jobs

·         Proprietary or customised vendor selection tools, including internally designed tests, reviewing capacity (in-house or outsourced?)

·         Universal recruitment tools, including background and reference checks, professional websites etc.


Vendor Management

·         How important is it to stay engaged with your vendors and employees (translators and interpreters)? What vendor management tools are most commonly used by LSPs to maintain good working relationships with translators?

·         Professional Development (PD) seminars for translation company employees and social networking events  for vendors as a way to reach out and stay engaged.

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News from Translators without Borders – Mirko Plitt becomes TWB’s Head of Technology

DANBURY, CT USA – 16 June 2016 – Mirko Plitt becomes TWB’s Head of Technology.

Mirko Plitt, one of the foremost serial pioneers in the industrial use of machine translation and other language technologies has joined Translators without Borders (TWB) as Head of Technology.  TWB strives to find innovative technology solutions that can help provide people with vital information in their language. The appointment of Mirko Plitt as TWB Head of Technology will empower TWB to explore how technology can be used to effectively improve communications with people affected by crisis. Mirko’s extensive experience in senior roles in the field of translation and localization will be a great asset to TWB.

For more information, visit the Translators without Borders website.